Main Features

Just a few key features of ShoudCast Admin Pro

  • AAC+ Shoutcast Flashplayer Support without wowza or red5 requirement.
  • Supports 13 languages.
  • Works with WHM/cPanel and does not consume any server resources for itself.
  • Online song name edit/update/copy + mp3 name change on the playlist manager.
  • Fully designed with Ajax + jQuery.
  • A powerful play list manager.
  • Advanced AutoDJ Features, AAC+ Encoders, IDV3v2
  • Advanced resellers panel + package system for the root user.
  • Live song name, title change to any text features without dropping listeners.
  • Advanced Statistics + Listeners on Google Map.
  • Automate your billing & radio hosting services with our billing modules/API.
  • WHMSonic HQ Sound Filter Technology.
  • Create FlashPlayers and player links easily.
  • Setup and easily manage Shoutcast radios from WHM or cPanel.
  • Setup External or Internal Shoutcast radios.
  • WHMSonic control panel is ready in the cPanel for your clients.
  • Real time bitrate & bandwidth control + limits + monitoring.
  • Create WHMSonic Resellers.
  • Amazing RadioLive website + template for your customers.
  • Supports Flashplayer, Mediaplayer, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Winamp and Webplayers.

Screen Shots

See ShoutCast Admin Pro in action!